Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Green is the New Black

Even though the evil George Bush is our current "president," it seems like Americans are really getting on the "Save the Environment" bandwagon, and that's a good thing. I've been critical of companies in the past for claiming to be environmentally friendly because they use some organic ingredients in their pricey products. But now, I am happy to report that there is a new company called ecoTOOLS that makes environmentally friendly products and adopts an earth-friendly philosophy in its business practices.

ecoTOOLS sells a line of environmentally inspired tools--everything from powder brushes to loofahs and bath mitts. All the makeup brushes have bamboo handles...and since bamboo grows quickly, the choice of materials has minimal impact on the environment. As an added bonus, the brush bristles are animal-free, made from soft, synthetic hair called taklon. The majority of quality brushes are made from animal hair, so these ecoTOOLS are an excellent alternative for all you vegetarians and vegans out there!

What's even more exciting is that the brushes won't break the bank. A lash and brow groomer costs just $2.99; the most expensive brush, a powder brush, is only $7.99. The brushes don't look cheap, and the bristles are exceptionally soft. Plus you can store your brushes in the package they come in--there is no wasted materials with these babies.

To put their money where their corporate mouth is, ecoTOOLS has joined with 1% For The Planet, an alliance of businesses committed to leveraging their resources to create a healthier planet.

ecoTOOLS are available this month at select Walgreens, Kmart, and Ulta stores, or visit for a store locator.


Princess Bitch said...

OMG! im all over this! I have a fabulous brush set I got for my birthday a couple years ago, but what girl doenst want new brushes???

Katrina said...

I'm intrigued! I love that its echo friendly, hopefully I'll be able to find it.