Sunday, March 23, 2008

Fear Factor

Being a good little beauty blogger, I read my fair share of beauty and fashion mags. And every time I flip through my reading, I run across ads that try to scare me into buying a product.

Take, for example, Elizabeth Arden's Intervene Pause and Effect Moisture Cream or Lotion with SPF 15. The good folks at Elizabeth Arden sell this product by posing a question. "Want to look 30 when you're 40?" they ask, hopefully. Then they answer the question in big, red letters "Start when you're 30."


I'm 32.

Does this mean I can only hope to look 32 when I'm 40? Oh, I'm so confused. And I feel like I'm destined to look my age when I hit 40 because I didn't start using this Elizabeth Arden cream at age 30. Those two years are, of course, lost forever and I'll never be able to look like I'm 30 again. Hmph.

I better get my act together and buy this $55 cream so I can prevent my skin from growing older along with me.

Oh to hell with it! I take care of my skin. I use sun block, don't smoke, I moisturize, exfloiate, cleanse, and treat my skin as much as possible. Plus I still get carded when I buy booze, so I must be doing something right.

So, thank you Ms. Arden. Your scare tactics won't work on me!

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