Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Daily Show

Because people in my real life know I'm a "beauty blogger," I am often asked about specific products. To be fair, I am not a beauty expert, just a beauty enthusiast, and try as I might, I haven't used every product on the market. After giving my disclaimer, many will ask me what I use on a daily basis, so I thought I'd have my answers at the ready here in this handy-dandy blog entry.

These, my friends, are the products I use on a very regular (if not daily) basis (when I'm not trying out new stuff for the blog!):

  • Bar Soap: I have no loyalties when it comes to soap. I'll happily use an expensive, organic beauty from Lush one day and then go for a bar of ultra-green Irish Spring the next. I do notice that when I buy bar soap, I gravitate towards Dove. They're stuff isn't as frightening in appearance (i.e., no funky colors) and seems to not cause irritation.
  • Body Scrub/Exfoliant: Not long ago I would have said that I use any old exfoliating product out there. But after using Kiehl's Creme de Corps Soy Milk and Honey Body Polish, I can't imagine going back to my "oh-whatever" ways.
  • Deodorant: I have sensitive underarms. Bizarre, huh? The only deodorant I can use that doesn't cause me to break out is Done Unscented for Sensitive Skin. If they ever stop making this, I'll cry (or just be really stinky!).
  • Body Lotion: I don't have a fave here. I'll try just about anything, though I prefer a product that contains an SPF. Being as white as I am, I'm fearful of the sun and things like melanoma.
  • Perfume: Depending on the day, how I feel, and the time of year, I wear either no perfume or Cannabis Santal (by Fresh), Dune (Christian Dior), or Happy (Clinique).
  • Foundation/Powder: Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals and Mineral Veil are my favorite products. They feel light, they cover like crazy, they look natural, and they last forever. I used to wear Cover Girl liquid foundation, but I didn't like how messy liquid foundations can be. They also make my skin feel suffocated. I made the switch to Bare Escentuals when I started this blog and haven't looked back since.
  • Blush: In the interest of time and having a clean, unmade look, I often opt for Bare Escentuals Warmth. It adds subtle color to my cheeks and I also swipe it over my eyelids in lieu of an actual eye shadow. If I want to wear something else, I often go for Ulta's Afterglow. It's a happy shade of pink that's flattering and fun. If I'm doing a more dressy face, I'll just use whatever blush comes in the palette I'm using for a coordinated look.
  • Eye Shadow: I don't have a particular favorite here! I just try for a pretty color that's not too frosty. I'll use cheap products, expensive products...whatever. I'm not picky here.
  • Eyeliner: Again, I could care less. Sometimes I'll use Smashbox's Cream Liner, but I'll also use a cheap old Wet 'n Wild Eye Pencil in a pinch. Or, I'll just use eye shadow for liner. I'm not loyal to one item here.
  • Mascara: Oh boy. Mascara is incredibly important. I'll try just about anything (and am currently doing so for the benefit of the blog!) but if I had to pick my favorites it would be Maybelline's Great Lash for a bargain brand and Lorac's Lotsa Lash for a more spendy product.
  • Lipstick/Gloss: I will--and have--use almost anything. For a plumper: Lip Venom by DuWop. For a bit of color: Black Honey by Clinique. During the day for moisturizing: Burt's Bees (yum!) or Boots Mediterranean Grape, Olive, and Nectarine balm (also yum, but in a different way).
  • Cleansers: In the morning (in the shower), I use Olay's Regenerist Daily Regenerating Cleanser. It's gentle and exfoliating--perfect for the morning. At night I use Philosophy's Purity Made Simple if I have time or just go for speed and use Boots 4-in-1 Quick Thinking Wipes. I never, ever use bar soap on my face, and I try not to go to sleep with my makeup on.
  • Day Time Moisturizer: Olay Complete All Day UV Moisturizer with UV Protection. I have to have my SPF! I've been using Olay for years and it's wonderful. It does everything I could ask of a moisturizer without costing a fortune.
  • Night Moisturizer: I'm always on the search for a great, nurturing, age-defying nighttime cream, so I don't have a current fave. I'm hoping to change that soon, though, and will get back to you on this!
  • Eye Cream: Surprisingly, I don't have a favorite eye product either. I think I'm using a L'Oreal product at the moment, but I wouldn't swear to it. I like a cream-based product that provides a bit of firming/lift and that will protect against the sun and premature aging.
  • Hand Cream: I'll try anything but am really digging Caudalie's Hand and Nail Cream even though it's wicked expensive.
  • Special Treatments: I try to do a weekly microderm abrasion but I don't always remember. When I do remember, I use Olay's Microdermabrasion and Peel System. It leaves my skin so smooth and doesn't cost too much...always a plus.
So there you have it. Quite the list, eh? And I didn't even get to the hair products or mention my nail care must haves. Another post for another time, perhaps. So tell me: what are your "can't live without it" products?


Smirking Cat said...

I'm very fair too, so my body lotion has to have sunscreen too! Avon used to make one, but I couldn't stand the smell (too flowery) so I have moved on to other brands. I am experimental with most products but am very loyal to Pantene for my hair. I love their conditioners.

makeup junkie said...

thanks for the great product suggestions! i am a fellow "makeup enthusiast." come check out my blog and we could share ideas! http://canyoumakeitup.blogspot.com/