Thursday, March 27, 2008

Beauty Product of the Week: Bionic Mascara

What is it? A new formula from Smashbox, Bionic Mascara, "is the first ionic mascara. It will leave you with longer, stronger, and more voluminous lashes! The specially-engineered brush coats lashes with our revolutionary long-wearing, water-resistant formula for a dramatic full lash. Aloe, silk, and wheat protein strengthen and condition." Available only in Jet Black (rich black) for $19 exclusively at Sephora.

What did you think? I had high hopes for this one. I kept hearing about how amazing it was. Hell, when I bought it at Sephora, the salesgirl was giddy with excitement. Sadly, I think the appeal of this product is all hype.

Here's my major beef: this mascara is just way To quote my beloved Dethklok, it's "blacker than the blackest black times infinity." It's thick, it's heavy, and it's a bitch to take off. But that's not all: it goes on clumpy. You really have to know how to apply makeup with some degree of skill to make this look decent. Even then, you'll invest a lot of time combing out the clumps in your lashes.

The actual mascara wand is nothing impressive. Because this particular formula is so tarry, it's prone to gunk build up...and we all know that gunk build up on the wand does not equate to great lashes.

There is a positive with this product: if you can pull it off, it will give you extremely long lashes. Because the mascara is so darn black, it will make you lashes look fuller and your lash line more defined.

The final verdict? Meh. This mascara is best for your night look. It's a bit too heavy for day unless you're a goth kid or something. Here's a hint: if you buy this, stock up on the eye makeup remover. (See my Battle of the Eye Makeup Removers for more!) If you want to buy a mascara from Sephora, opt for LORAC Lotsa Lash.


msnotty said...

Bionic Mascara? Interesting name. I have to try it!

Smirking Cat said...

That's disappointing. There was so much hype about Too Faced Lash Injection that I tried that and was disappointed too. Clumpy, smelled chemical-y, nothing impressive about it. How do these products get such reputations and hype when they don't deliver?