Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This Looks Promising...

Clinique is one of my favorite companies for skin care. Admittedly, I'm not mad about their moisturizer, but I still think they make great skin care products. Now Clinique has an interesting product on the market called Even Better Skin Tone Corrector.

Even Better Skin Tone Corrector promises to even out skin tone by reducing "visible evidence of sun damage, dark patches, skin stresses, ages spots, and the darkening that follows visible scarring." It can be used by women of all ethnic backgrounds and leaves skin even, bright, and clear. It can be used anywhere you have damage: the face, hands, neck, chest....wherever. A bottle of this stuff costs $39.50 and it takes about six weeks to see results.

I don't have visible sun damage yet, but I do have uneven skin--thanks to my pale skin and propensity for pinkness. I know a lot of women who would love to undo some of the damage they've done by lying out in the sun or baking in a tanning bed. If this product is able to do all that it says it can do, I imagine it will be in demand! Who doesn't want even toned skin? Sign me up!

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Anonymous said...

So, what do you think so far? I've been using it myself for a couple of weeks and feel my skin looks more even.