Monday, February 11, 2008

Scent of a (Wo)Man

I've been on the quest for a new perfume for a while now. I have had the same two "stand-by" scents forever and wouldn't mind branching out and wearing something other than Dune (Christian Dior) or Happy (Clinique). It's not that I don't love these two perfumes--I do!--it's just that I am in a "I need something new" phase.

The other day at Sephora, I sprayed on some Cannabis Santal by Fresh just to see what it was like. I wondered if it could actually smell like cannabis, and my curiosity made me give in. I adored the scent! It was comforting, woodsy, chocolaty, spicy, and not overly floral (despite my girly-girl nature, I hate smelling like a flower!). It was one of the best scents I've experienced in awhile.

Later in the day I wanted to double check the price of Fresh's Cannabis Santal and I learned that it is a men's cologne. Really? It wasn't in the men's fragrance's packaging didn't look overly masculine, but there it is, classified on Sephora's website as being a sensual, classic scent...for men.

*Pout.* Men get all the best stuff!

So this got me it okay for women to wear men's colognes? I really had to give it some thought (I'm pathetic and apparently give way too much thought to trivial things!) but Ive come to the conclusion that yes! It is absolutely okay for women to wear any fragrance they want regardless of its gender designation. And I, for one, plan to pick up a bottle of Cannabis Santal for myself as soon as I get back to Sephora.

What's your take? Have I completely lost my mind or do you think gender-bending is okay when it comes to fragrances?


Anonymous said...

I think that it is perfectly fine to wear whatever you think smells good, providing that people don't think you smell like a man ;] However, many of my girl-friends wear old spice and they smell fine. Occasionally they get the odd compliment lol.

Lydia said...

Old Spice? I wouldn't go THAT far, but some of the men's scents are so yummy.