Monday, February 25, 2008

Look Younger...Easier!

Who doesn't want to look younger? If you talk to 10 women, I bet 9 of them would like to appear younger. I'm only 32, and already I'm on a preemptive attack against wrinkles and the annoying signs of premature aging.

I swear by eye creams, moisturizers, and makeup to make myself presentable to the world. I have no interest in botox or surgical procedures for many reasons. If you're looking for easy ways to look younger, try these tips:
  • Let your skincare products set before applying your makeup! Doing so allows the product to penetrate you skin's surface so it can do it's job. In a pinch for time? Turn your hair dryer on Cool and blow it over your face to speed up the "drying time" for your skin care lotions and sunblocks.
  • Look for products containing mushrooms. Mushrooms are rich in anti-oxidants and decrease inflammation which leads to wrinkles and loss of firmness. Check out Origin's line of Plantidote products or Aveeno's Positively Ageless line--all of which are packed with those beneficial 'shrooms (they don't call 'em magic mushrooms for nothing!).
  • Use a nighttime moisturizer. Many anti-aging products contain retinoids, and these compounds work better when not exposed to sunlight. Vitamins C and E, also ingredients in many anti-agers, do better when kept away from daylight, so applying strong anti-aging night creams before hitting the sack will give you the most anti-aging bang for your buck.
  • Avoid wrinkles by sleeping on your back. I know it seems stupid, but experts swear that sleeping on your stomach or side mashes your skin and causes facial wrinkles. This is bad news for me--I hate sleeping on my back. Maybe I can just switch to a silky pillowcase or something!
These hints may help turn back the hands of time...even if just a little. They certainly couldn't hurt!

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Van said...

I heard it's good to remplace a "normal" pillow case (as in made of cotton, polyester, etc) with a satin or silk pillow case, because it causes less wrinkles on your face. Dunno if that's true, but if it is, it's a great solution for us gals who like to sleep on our sides.