Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Give Me Some Sugar!

Quick! What's your favorite lip balm? Why do you love it?

I use lip balm every day. If I don't want to fuss with lipstick or if I'm lounging around my house, I usually apply a generous layer of balm and call it good. My two favorites are Burt's Bees (I like the cool, fresh, minty-ness of it) and Boot's Mediterranean Grape, Olive, and Nectarine (I love it's slickness and interesting flavor combo). For me, lip balm needs to be appropriately lubricating and yummy tasting.

Well, now a company called ON10 is making lip balms in some of our favorite sweet flavors. Head over to Sephora and pick your flavor from either: Hershey's Milk Chocolate, Hershey's Almond, Dr. Pepper, Dr. Pepper Berries and Cream, Schweppe's Lime, or Schweppe's Sparkling Pink. These balms are all beautifully packaged in vintage-inspired tins and range in price from $9 to $16.

These could be a bit too sweet, but since they look so cute, they'd make great gifts for your friends and family. I'd rather a Hershey's Almond lip balm in my Easter basket than an actual Hershey's Almond candy bar, but then I'm weird that way!


Princess Bitch said...

I think there is a company called Bonney Bell that makes something called LipSmakers that come in all those flavors....hmmmmm, i think i heard that somewhere..... ;)

Im not a fan of sugary flavors on my lips. reminds me too much of jr. high. ick. I do however, LOVE LOVE LOVE berts bees! it is the best and i must have like 5 tubes stashed in various different places.

Lydia said...

Bonney Bell? Pssh! That's so not even on my radar. What do you want next? A review of Wet 'n Wild? Aquanet? Puh-lease!

I bet the ON10 glosses are much better quality than lipsmackers...plus the ON10 glosses come in way cuter packaging! :)

But yes, burts bees rocks my socks!

Princess Bitch said...

could you please do a review of aquanet? The hairspray that holds better then crazy glue? And while your at it, find a way to get the smell to waft into my nose as i read the post so i can reminisce about jr. high...

whats wrong with wet n' wild?

*snicker ;)*