Sunday, February 10, 2008

Every Man Jack for Valentine's Day

If you've read my blog for awhile, you no doubt know that I love Target. And there's no shame in buying beauty products from the big-box retailer. In fact, Target has been stocking their shelves with more and more interesting bath and beauty products lately. One fun line of products is just for men and I've mentioned them before: Every Man Jack.

Every Man Jack products are very cool looking. Their square bars of soap look like wood, and all of their products have a decidedly masculine, wood-grain packaging design. For Valentine's Day, they have assembled their best selling products in a special gift box. The box is available online from for $16. The individual products are also for sale separately at Target and include:
  • EMJ Body Bars in Cedarwood: Neatly boxed together, Every Man Jack's three bars of soap look as good as they smell. The Cedarwood scent is very masculine, but the aroma isn't overpowering and doesn't linger. Store these bars in your dresser drawers and your clothes will smell amazing!
  • EMJ Body Wash in Cedarwood: If you prefer a liquid soap to the bar soap, you'll enjoy this product. You get the same great Cedarwood scent in luscious body wash form.
  • EMJ Shave Gel: Ladies, you'll want to steal this unscented, dye-free shave gel for yourself! I personally love that it doesn't contain any dyes. My women's shave gel has a pretty nasty, very fake blue dye that makes my gel messy and scary looking. Not this stuff! It's a pleasure to use, and the added Vitamin E leaves skin smooth. Nice for him AND for you!
  • EMJ Face Cream: After your man shaves, he'll need to moisturize his skin. This face cream is also fragrance free and dye free, so it won't irritate his sensitive skin.
Men love being pampered, so EMJ products are perfect for Valentine's Day. The price is right, and you'll enjoy these products just as much as he will!

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