Monday, February 18, 2008

Beauty As Art

After a Winter of torrential rain, flooding, below average temperatures, and ice, we're finally experiencing some lovely weather in the Pacific Northwest. Even though it's February, it's sunny and slightly warm out, and it has me longing for Spring. I'm not alone in my desire for a new season: the good folks at Sephora have launched their Spring campaign--Beauty As Art--and are featuring several new looks to inspire us.

And of course I have my own opinions on the matter!

Here are Sephora's looks for the Spring. I'll first give you what they have to say about each look and then I'll throw in my thoughts for good measure!

Renaissance Glow: "Spring's freshest runway looks conjured up Botticelli's famous Birth of Venus painting—fresh skin, nude lips, and glowing cheeks epitomize today's modern Madonna. Score the look with some of spring's most exciting new products—Hourglass' gorgeously addictive foundation (our creative director is hooked), Stila's brilliantly strategic contouring kits (hello, cheekbones), Benefit's super-fresh Thrrrob powder, and NARS' new nude gloss which—thanks to a touch of apricot—is wearable on every skintone."

My take: I love this look. This "less is more" approach makes your skin the focus, and the nude tones are flattering for everyone. Plus it's easy to do and is appropriate for almost any occasion.

Neoclassic Beauty: "Look neo-classy in spring's boisterous spin on glamour. When it comes to shadow, gold is the new beige. It's the light, sparkly, warm-weather neutral that works day to night. We love smudging it on a little imperfectly; the refined texture of this season's luxe cream and powder shadows made even a purposely-sloppy application look gorgeous. Add a succulent coral pucker—matte or shiny, whichever you prefer—and you've got the most classic look of the season."

My take: I love this one too! This is a more done up version of the Renaissance look. It allows for mistakes, and the sooner we learn that perfection and beauty are two entirely different things, the better off we'll be.

Pop Art Makeup: "At the fashion shows, makeup artists experimented with live-wire colors in shocking combos like orange and purple, Kelly green and red, and spots of bright blue just about everywhere (even on the lips!). The trick to wearing lots of vibrant colors at once is to make sure the undertones match. And, try using the color in an unexpected place—a flash on your lashes (ahem, Longo's brilliant new mascaras), or, Make Up For Ever's Flash Color in Pale Blue 20 as eye liner."

My take: No. No. No. Unless you're posing for a Warhol painting, are an actress portraying a crazy character, or are a drag queen, this is not a good look. It's too much...too colorful, to theatrical, too out there for an everyday look. Some people may be able to pull off this look, but unless you're very skilled at makeup application and have the confidence to really rock this look, you'll just end up looking foolish. Sorry!

Sephora also wants you to update your lashes, eyes, and lips this season and make them works of art as well. I'll give you the skinny on that tomorrow! But until then, what look do you like best from Sephora's Spring campaign? Leave a comment and let me know!


becca said...

i like the neoclassical look the best--classy, not too fussy, very pretty. and coral lipstick? so flattering!!!

Joli said...

Oh bah, anyone can do crazy bright colors. The trick to not looking like a clown is to choose just one and find complementary neutrals to go with it.

A shot of bright teal with cooler toned browns is pretty. Purples look great blended into a standard smokey eye. And if you want a bright or wild lipcolor try a neutral lipliner and add a bright gloss on top. It will still pop, but not scream out loud.