Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tool Time: Detangler Comb

Both my husband and I have long hair (his is actually longer than mine!). One downfall of having lovely, long locks is that it tangles easily, especially when its wet.

The answer to our problems? A detangler comb.

This comb costs next to nothing ($1.50 at Ulta) but does an amazing job of painlessly smoothing out my hair, leaving no ouchy tangles behind. The wide teeth are made of plastic and is ideal for combing wet hair.

At $1.50 you really can't go wrong. I imagine that this would be a great tool to have if you're a mom and have to brush your daughter's hair. I speak from experience here: as a kid I had super-long hair and my mom would rip my tangles out in the most torturous way...I tremble in fear just thinking about it! This little comb would have saved so many tears!

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