Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Product Review: Boots Feel the Difference 5 Day Detox

I thought I'd start the new year out by trying to detox myself of all the extra food, alcohol, and other junk I put in my body over the year. So I used Boots "Feel the Difference" five day detox plan.

Available at Target, the 5-day detox costs about $20 and contains 5 vials of a fruit-flavored liquid. You add this liquid to a quart of water, drink it throughout the day for five days, and you're supposed to feel better, look better, and be detoxed.

I tried the strawberry flavor. And usually I am a little iffy about things I need to drink. I am picky, apparently, about products and their flavors and textures. Thankfully, the strawberry flavor was light and pleasant (for the most part!), and didn't alter the texture of the water (i.e., it wasn't chalky, gritty, or oily). After drinking the detox concoction, I can't say that I had any dramatic changes. It certainly didn't hurt me in any way to drink this product, but at the same time I didn't notice any great improvements. Maybe it's a mind over matter type of thing.

Overall, I give the product a solid B. It's easy to use, it doesn't taste awful, and produces no ill effects. If you're in to the whole detox thing (I'm not...I generally think that my body is able to detox itself), this would be a great product to try out.

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