Sunday, January 20, 2008

Nailed! New Products to Try

I'm a pedicure addict, but I never, ever get manicures. Why? Well, 1) I'm hard on my nails since I type, knit, play Guitar Hero, and do all sorts of things that are rough on manis, and 2) I can paint my nails myself with great success, so why should I bother paying all that money to do something I can do here at home. (The same cannot be said of my ability to paint my toenails!)

Occasionally I'll get in the habit of painting my fingernails once a week (usually on Sunday). And whenever I do paint my nails, I seem to use the lacquers from OPI. They have an amazing amount of colors and they are easy to use. They also seem to be able to withstand my punishment pretty well.

Now there are two new nail products I'm looking forward to trying. I'll have to get these babies and give them a test run...for the benefit of the blog, of course!
  1. Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Hard as Wraps: Sally Hansen is a giant in the world of drugstore brand nail polish. For less than $5, this nylon and acrylic gel bonds to the nails' surface. This does two things: it hardens the nail and it forms a protective shield for the nail color. According to the editors at Allure, they were able to have chip-free, beautifully polished nails for 10 days. Not bad.
  2. Incoco Dry Nail Applique: A few years ago, Avon debuted a nail product that had users wrap the color around the nail. There was no painting, no brushes, no drying time. Now, there's a dry nail "polish" available on at Walgreens. There are six French manicure colors and twenty different shades of reds, pinks, nudes, purples, etc. I'll have to head over to Walgreens to pick some up--I can't wait to see how they work! Plus they're under $8...much cheaper than a salon manicure!

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