Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Kiss For Your Valentine

I can't believe Valentine's Day is just a few weeks away (that also means my birthday is just a few weeks away--ugh!). So over the coming weeks, I'll be talking about some products to get you ready for a beautiful, kissable Valentine's Day. Today we'll start off with the kissable aspect of things.

Hopefully you all have someone special in your life, or at least someone to share a February 14th smooch with. In order for you to be at your most kissable, you need to make sure you don't have funky breath. Even if your Valentine's Day includes a garlic-filled dinner, you can still have a kissable mouth with French Kiss gum.

This gum was developed by Dr. Harold Katz, aka America's Bad Breath Expert for his celebrity clients. It is designed to reach below the tongue's surface to absorb bad breath odors. By chewing a few pieces, you can feel confident that you have a fresh, kissable mouth 24/7.

What's also great is that it doesn't contain artificial sweeteners like asparatame or saccharin. French Kiss gum is available at www.therabreath.com. Three packs of twelve pieces of gum costs $9.00. Not bad!


Rebecca said...

So interesting!
For the Valentine special night.
Where can I but that gum?

Lydia said...

Hi Rebecca! You can order it online only...the web address is in the body of my blog entry. :)

Cher said...

Wow. This is genious! I had NO idea such a gum existed! I will definately be posting this on my blog someday in the near future--I'll be sure to reference your blog! Thanks for the tip!