Monday, January 28, 2008

Damn! I Knew This Was Going To Happen!

I have been avoiding all those futuristic looking products from GoSMILE. I knew that if I ventured over to that part of Sephora, my pocketbook would be drained, but my teeth would be beautiful.

Well, looks like I was right. I recently tried a sample of GoSMILE's B1 Tooth Whitener and all I have to say is WOW! It was a snap (literally!) to use and provided instant and impressive results.

Here's how it works: the whitening product (a gel) is housed in a capsule called an ampoule. On one end of the ampoule there's a brush (it actually looks more like a pad, but whatever). The ampoule is housed in a cardboard sheath and you just take it out of the sheath to expose the brush, put the sheath back on the wrong way, then squeeze the ampoule until it pops. This releases the gel and fills the brush with the whitening product. All you do now is rub the gel on your teeth in a circular motion. That's it. No strips, no trays, no mess.

The product doesn't taste bad or feel slimy like some whitening products out there. It also does not increase tooth sensitivity, which has been an issue for me with drugstore brand whitening products.

I honestly couldn't believe how quickly and effectively this product worked! I noticed that my teeth were looking a little less than perfectly white, so I was anxious to give GoSMILE a try. With one use, my teeth looked brighter. Wow!

Now, here's the rub. Since this seems like the PERFECT tooth whitening product, it comes at a price. A supply of 20 ampoules will set you back almost $90. Yikes. Still, if you're dying to make a splurgy beauty purchase, I highly recommend GoSMILE's B1 Tooth Whitener.

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