Thursday, January 17, 2008

Beauty Product of the Week: L'Oreal Professional Colorist Collection

What is it? According to their website, L'Oreal Professional Colorist Collection shampoo and conditioner is "an at-home maintenance system for color treated or highlighted hair. It is designed to maintain salon fresh color on the mid-lengths and ends of hair. It should be used every other time hair is shampooed. Color-protecting shampoo must be used before the Colorist Collection Shampoo to prepare the hair for optimal color deposit. Follow this alternating pattern from the day of the haircolor service until the next haircolor service." Available in professional salons in many different shades to match your color for less than $20 each per shampoo and conditioner.

What did you think? Right before Christmas, I got my hair cut and colored. And while I am a natural blonde, I do whatever I can to enhance my blonde-ness. As a kid I had uber-blonde, almost white hair. It was so cute. Now as an adult, I know I can't go that blonde, but I do like to be as light as possible. When I was done getting my hair done, I asked my stylist what I should use to keep my blonde blonde. She recommended L'Oreal Professional Colorist in White Violet. This shampoo comes out of the bottle deep purple, but it actually works with my lack of color to avoid the dreaded brassiness that blondes face.

I've been using it every other time I get my hair done, and I can notice a difference. My hair looks brighter, shinier, and move vibrant. It really makes a difference with the tone and shine of my hair, thereby extending the life of my dye job.

The final verdict? I love this product! It comes in 12 different shades for blondes, redheads, and brunettes. If you dye your hair or get highlights, it's worth spending the money on this product to keep your color fresh. If you're spending a ton of money on your color, just spend a little more for a product that will protect and enhance your investment.

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