Thursday, January 03, 2008

Beauty Product of the Week: LORAC Lotsa Lash

What is it? LORAC's bestselling Lotsa Lash mascara is a "uniquely rich and creamy mascara loaded with nylon fibers that cling to lashes like mini lash extensions, helping your lashes to curl and appear instantly fuller. The gentle formula contains pro-vitamin B5 to condition for lush, soft, baby doll-like lashes, and the jumbo brush makes application effortless." Available at Sephora for about $20.

What did you think? If you've read my blog for any lenght of time, you no doubt know that I am a devoted fan of Great Lash. However, lately I've been splurging by trying out premier brand mascaras. My most recent find is LORAC's Lotsa Lash, and I must say it's a great product.

I love that the wand is oversized. It makes applying mascara very easy. I am able to angle the brush properly so that I get the corner lashes that sometimes prove difficult to coat. My lashes appear fuller and longer without looking insane or overly fake. The mini lash extensions help fill in my lashes, again giving me a heavier, more defined lashline.

Final verdict? I was initially concerned about the mini lash extensions. My concern was that they would make my lashes look too fake for daily use, but that is so not the case. They only compliment what I already have...and isn't that what mascara's supposed to do? I was also a little concerned about the removal of this mascara--would the lash extensions require special attention when it came time to wash my face? Not a chance. I just wash my face nightly as always and my mascara comes off easily. Overall, I am loving this mascara. It feels luxurious and makes my lashes look beautiful. What more could I want?


finding the filth said...

so glad to hear that you liked this product. it's my favorite mascara.

my friend recently gave me the bare escentuals lash primer, to put on before my regular mascara and holy crap! amazing. with the primer & the fancy lorac mascara, my lashes are like a mile long.

Princess Bitch said...

I am in desperate need of a new mascara. I too am a HUGE fan of Great Lash and I gotta tell ya, the past two tubes I have bought have been less then exciting.

Perhaps its time to make a trip to Sephora, grab some LORAC and some lash primer and call it wonderful!