Tuesday, December 18, 2007

This Night Is Yours

With all the social demands life throws at us (especially this time of year!), many of us find ourselves running from a meeting at work to drinks at a trendy watering hole with friends in just a matter of minutes. Work demands you to look professional but you'll probably want to look a little more glam (and fun!) when it comes to your nighttime activities. Here are a few quick tips on taking your look from day to night:
  • Apply an extra layer of mascara. Yes--it's ok to swipe on an extra coat of mascara on top of what you already have on. If you just hit the tips of your lashes, you won't bog down your lashes with too much gunky tar, but you will have effectively accented and lengthened your lashes. Perfect for ultra-flirty nighttime eyes.
  • Stop shine in a flash. Head to your nearest bathroom and pull out a toilet seat protector. Use the tissuey seat protector to blot the excess oils off your skin. This is a great time saver and is very effective. If you have a powder compact with you, lightly powder your face. You don't want to use too much powder, though. A little shine is ok, I promise!
  • Perk up your complexion. Use a cream-based or mouse-style blush to add some color to your cheeks. Both types of blush add a bit of luminosity and sparkle to your skin. Find a pretty, flattering, girlish pink to freshen up your face. A powder blush late in the day may make your skin look too powdery and flaky. Instead, opt for the lighter textured blush.
  • Add some color to your lips. If you don't have a favorite lipstick, here are two very different options for you: 1) Try a classic, true red. This instantly dresses you up, makes your teeth look amazingly white, and (when applied properly) is a sure shot to hotness. 2) Opt for a coral-toned pink color. This will freshen up your look and flatter your skin tone, plus its easier to pull off than a red.
  • Fix your hair. Either pull it up into a high ponytail or throw on a pretty headband to push the hair off your face. This is so much faster and easier than spending precious minutes with a hot iron, a flattener...whatever. Plus the addition of a fancy ponytail holder or an attractive headband will add some instant interest to your nighttime look.
These quick tips will make you ready to take on the night beautifully and confidently.

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