Monday, November 12, 2007

Sephora...Take Me Away!

I got my Sephora holiday catalog last week and I noticed that Sephora is now selling their own brand of bubble bath. For $16, you can pick from seven different scents and vibrant colors: Asian Ginger, Citrus Sage, Guava Passion, Tangerine Grapefruit, Morning Waterlily, Riveria Blue, and Tropical Jasmine.

I for one am anxious to check out these bubble baths in person--to give them the all important smell test and then the even more important soak test. I love taking a bubble bath from time to time. Lying in warm water in a tub full of yummy smelling bubbles is the ultimate in relaxation and luxury.

As an added bonus, if I like one of the scents, Sephora has coordinating Body Lotion ($18), Body Scrub ($16), Dry Oil ($16), Body Butter ($16) and Shower Gel ($15). Sounds like great gift ideas!


Brooke said...

I was in love with Grapeseed from Sephora's previous line, but of course they got rid of it...I assume to bring these in....or maybe because I liked it. Generally things that I like are discontinued. booo. Oh well, I guess change will do me good. I am interested to try them.

Lydia said...

I just went to Sephora today and was able to sniff all the flavors. They all smelled pretty good, except the yellow one. Also, Sephora is giving away free samples of their body wash to beauty insiders. I got a sample of the tangerine grapefruit. yum! it smells citrusy and christmasy!