Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Paint It Red

By now we all know that classic red lips are IN this season. Once you've spent considerable time, energy, and money finding your red, you need to apply it flawlessly to pull it off.

Here are some hints for beautiful red lips this season:
  1. If you're still looking for THE red, try a shade that is rich. The more opaque the better. Make sure you have a nice balance of matte and shine and that the color goes on dark--the more pigment the longer the color will last (and stay true) on your lips.
  2. Prep your lips before applying your red. Exfoliate your lips by brushing them lightly with your toothbrush (trust me--there is no need to buy a special and pricey lip exfoliant!). Now that the dead skin cells are gone, put a tiny amount of lip balm on your lips. Just a dab is all you don't want sticky or glossy lips...just moisturized lips.
  3. To enhance the shape of your lips, line them with a lip pencil that is the exact same color as your lipstick. If you don't have the exact shade, pick one a bit lighter. Never ever use a darker lipliner. Ever. I mean it! And go easy with the lip liner--you just need a light line of color, not a thick noticeable line.
  4. Apply your lipstick directly from the tube. Don't use a lip brush (despite what the experts say) because it makes the color too sheer. Apply the color in the center of your mouth and then move outward. Once you have it on, blot and let it settle, then apply another layer.
Remember: when you have a bold, red lip, it's best to keep the rest of your face relatively clean--just a bit of mascara, a smidge of neutral eyeshadow and some foundation is all you'll need. And for some reason, red lips look great when you're at your casual best.

Whatever you do, be confident with your look. While red lips are classic, they are very bold and can really transform your look. Have fun with it!

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finding the filth said...

i love super red lip color, but i have a hard time wearing it. bright colors just dont suit me. i always end up looking like a clown.

so, to get around it, ive learned to layer my lip colors. if you put a light coat of a soft brown color over the red, it tones down the brightness, but still gives you a bold lip.