Sunday, November 18, 2007

Holiday Trend #2: Nail It!

This look is a tad extreme, but if you tone it down a bit, you'll have a fun look for the holidays!

If pink cheeks aren't your thing, here's yet another way to set yourself apart this holiday season.

Trend #2: Finger Bling and Fun Manicures!

Ultra dark, gothy nails have been super hot for the winter for a while now. Want to take it to the next level this holiday season? Try a little bling.

I'm usually not a big fan of fingernail art--you know, those annoying and dare I say trashy decals (like American flags, roses, etc.) that usual grace talon-like super long fingernails. However, adding something a little more subtle can really make a manicure more special.

Try a few cubic zirconia gems just on one of your perfectly manicured fingers. Or go with a reverse French manicure in rich colors (not the usual pink and white combo). OPI recently advertised a very intricate harlequin-type pattern using two of their Russian collection colors.

A zazzy manicure is unexpected and slightly subtle while being extravagant and fancy at the same time. What a great way to perk up your look for a holiday party!


Anonymous said...

I love this trend,a lttle flashy but not tacky!

Lydia said...

I agree. I would normally steer clear of this because I equate nail art with tackiness. I think done right, this could be a lot of fun and would look great!