Monday, November 19, 2007

Holiday Trend #2: The Eyes Have It

Ok, so you're not digging pink cheeks and you don't like the idea of a fancy schmancy manicure. So, let's go back to basics for this trend.

Trend #3: Bold Eyes!

By now you know the rule: when you're dressing up and putting on your face, it's best to focus on either your eyes OR your lips. Not both at the same time. Ever.

If you want to go with a dramatic eye at your holiday parties this season, bust out the fake lashes. Just apply a clump of lashes to the outer corner of each eye. Be sure to amp it up with some dark, heavy eyeliner. If you extend the liner out past the outer corner of your eye and wear the faux lashes, your eyes will look incredible: sexy and seductive like Claudia Schiffer, above.

Once your eyes look perfect, try a nude or slightly pink lip to finish off your look. Use your long lashes and flirty eyes to set yourself apart from the pack at any holiday party!

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