Saturday, November 17, 2007

Holiday Trend #1: Pink Cheeks

Fortunately for some (unfortunately for others), the holiday season is here. That means it's time for family Thanksgiving dinner, office parties, New Year's Eve festivities, and thousands of other social engagements in between. Over the next few entries, I'll highlight some ways for you to stand out in a crowd this crazy holiday season.

Trend #1: Pink Cheeks!

Yes, I know...dramatic, seductive red lips have been everywhere lately. But since everyone else will be vamping it up in their classic colors, why not break away from the pack and opt for a brighter, sweeter look?

One sure way to do this is to try out a happy, pink blush. Since cold weather and dry skin are just around the corner, try a cream blush for a festive, merry glow!

A few to try:

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finding the filth said...

i got the bare minerals "beauty" blush in a set of three blushes. i was scared at first to use it cause it's just SO pink. but i finally tried it and it is the perfect pink. it gives a nice rosy glow. love it.