Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Ok, you know that sun protection is essential for healthy skin. And you know that you need products that have an SPF rating. The higher the SPF rating, the more protection from UV rays you'll get.

But now there's a new classification out there that we're going to be hearing about soon enough: EPF. EPF stands for Environmental Protection Factor and it measures the potency of an antioxidant in its ability to protect against the sun, defend against pollution, and fight free radicals. The higher the number, the better protection you have from all those yucky things. Here's how some antioxidants rate: Idebenone has an EPF of 90, Vitamin E comes in at 80, Coenzyme Q10 scores a 55, and Vitamin C is a 52.

High end skin care companies are starting to label their products' EPF along with the SPF, so you'll be seeing EPF ratings on more and more items in the future. Just like SPF, the higher the rating, the more protected your skin will be. Check out this product by Prevage--for $150 it better shield me from the sun, pollution, and everything else that could negatively impact my skin!

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