Thursday, November 08, 2007

Blister Free and Beautiful

Like most of you, I love shoes. Even though I spend a good amount of time and money keeping my feet in decent shape, I still occasionally deal with something that destroys my path to pedi-perfection: pesky blisters.

There's nothing worse than sliding on a cute pair of new shoes only to suffer from a painful, ugly blister. But fear not! You can wear your sexy, killer, cute shoes without the pain of blisters with a new product: Band-Aid's Activ Flex Blister Block Stick. Apparently, all you need to do is apply the stick to your feet (or any other blister-prone part of your body) to get the protection you want. This product claims to reduce friction and rubbing. Because it is invisible, you can wear open toe shoes with absolute confidence.

Look for this product to become available in the next few weeks. It sells for about $7 (you can get a coupon from Band-Aid here), which is a steal considering how much you're willing to pay for the shoes that give us the blisters in the first place!

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