Thursday, November 15, 2007

Beauty Product of the Week: Befine Evening Sampler

What is it? Befine Evening Sampler kit contains an exfoliating cleanser, firming toner, and night cream that are "designed to rejuvenate and restore your skin while you sleep. A feast of 181 natural ingredients. Be.Products has created an evening menu designed to rejuvenate and restore your skin while you sleep. Starter Course: Exfoliating Cleanser with Brown Sugar, Sweet Almond and Oats: Deep cleansing to gently slough and moisturize. Almond is naturally high in minerals and removes impurities. Brown sugar and oats calm and heal. This non-irritating, light buffing cleanser clears away dull and damaged skin. Main Course: Firming Toner with Ginger and Willow Bark: Refresh, stimulate and close your pores with Ginger and Willow Bark, a natural source of salicylic acid softening the skin as it gives your face a firm finish. Balancing Ginger heightens circulation for a healthier complexion. Final Course: Night Cream with Cocoa, Millet and Rice Bran: Rice Bran proteins and vitamins increase the skin's elasticity and support collagen growth. As you sleep, Cocoa's caffeine increases circulation for a fresh, rosy complexion. Available at Ulta for $20.

What did you think? I love sample kits! They let you try out a whole line of products for the cost of one full sized product. It's totally the way to go.

I had never heard of Befine before, but saw the display at Ulta and was intrigued. All their products are nicely packaged and I figured I'd give this kit a test drive. I'll give my thoughts product by product.

EXFOLIATING CLEANSER: I must say, I love this product. When you first apply it, it feels very rough, but as you clean your face, the cleanser dissolves into a creamy lather. It smells slightly like mushrooms (I don't know if that's just my imagination, but that's what I think of when I use it) and leaves my skin feeling soft and very clean. Good stuff.

FIRMING TONER: I'm not the world's biggest fan of toner. I don't like the idea of putting alcohol on my delicate skin, but this toner is different. First, it spritzes out of a pretty glass bottle. Second, it doesn't contain alcohol (witch hazel is the base). And third, it doesn't make my skin feel tight or like it's been bombarded with chemicals. Instead, it goes on cool and makes my skin feel even cleaner.

NIGHT CREAM: Since this product contains cocoa, I half expected it to be brown and chocolaty in color. I was a bit disappointed when it came out white and looking like almost every other moisturizer I've used. Still, this night cream wasn't greasy in the least, and didn't leave my skin all shiny and over moisturized.

The final verdict? All in all, I am enjoying this trio of products. One of the best feels is when you take off all your makeup and wash your face for the night. That feeling of being totally clean and unmade up is oddly comforting to me. These three products left my skin feeling incredibly cleansed, but also protected....nurtured. Maybe its because the Befine products are packed with all-natural products. Maybe I'm just buying into the marketing. Whatever the case may be, this kit is a winner. And it would make a great gift this holiday season!

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