Tuesday, October 09, 2007

You Don't Know Jack!

I've been on a soap kick lately. I've sampled goods from everyone from Lush to Vermont Organic Soaps. Then I realized my poor husband has had to deal with my pink, girly stuff..surely there must be a soap out there for him.

Thankfully, there is! Now available at Target are products from Every Man Jack, a company with a unique look geared for men who want to elevate their self-care routine. I snatched up a box of Every Man Jack body bars with wheat bran called Citrus Scrub and let my husband try it out.

The bars of soap are beautiful--they look like square blocks of dark wood, and they smell masculine and very good. The bar contains flecks of wheat bran that exfoliate the skin as you wash, and the citrus scent helps wake you up in the shower. Since its made of glycerin and a vegetable base, this soap is strong yet gentle and won't strip the moisture from your skin.

My hubby seems to like it, and I've even secretly used it a few times. It really makes my skin soft--something you can appreciate as the weather turns cold and your skin starts to flake.

So--get to know Jack. The product line is intriguing, the price point is right (3 bars of soap--long lasting soap--cost about $4-$5), and it's available at Target. What else could you want for your guy?


Cassandra L said...

Been reading your blog for at least half an hour. Your blog is amazing!! So many articles!

Too bad we don't have access to so many different types of makeups as you do over there.

Lydia said...

Thanks Cassandra! I'm glad you like the blog. Try the internet for all sorts of great products--it's amazing what's out there. I feel like I only scratch the surface with my blog. :)