Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Beauty Product of the Week: Sexy Mother Pucker

What is it? New and available at Target, Soap and Glory's Sexy Mother Pucker is a "new extreme-formula lip plumping gloss with scientifically proven powerfill microspheres that explode in volume up to 10x when they come in contact with water. Sexy Mother Pucker's new powerfill technology formula can fool your lips into looking and feeling fuller, without plastic surgery!" For $9.99, I tried out the nude color.

What did you think? I think Soap and Glory is the new line of products made by the woman who started Bliss cosmetics...I could be wrong. Anyway, Target has all sorts of cute Soap and Glory products like body scrubs, body butters, and bubble baths. Being a lipstick fiend, I of course opted to try Sexy Mother Pucker. First of all the name is great...I love it! The packaging is vintage looking and hard to ignore. Yes, I got suckered in to buying a product based on the name and the packaging. I fell right into the hands of Soap and Glory's advertisers.

Being impatient, I paid for my plumping gloss and applied it the second I go into the car. Okay, that's not entirely true--I first had to wrestle with the packaging to free my tube of gloss from its cardboard and plastic casings. My first impression was the Sexy Mother Pucker seemed very sticky but very pretty. The nude color had the slightest tint that enhanced the natural look and shape of my lips. A second after I finish my application, I noticed the taste of this was oddly familiar. It reminded me of something sweet...something from my childhood. What was it? Tootsie Rolls!!! Sexy Mother Pucker tastes just like Tootsie Rolls!

After a few minutes of wearing Sexy Mother Pucker my lips began to tingle. It felt like my lips were asleep--filled with pins and needle--but it didn't hurt. It just made me laugh. I have naturally large lips, so I couldn't really tell if my lip size was increased, but my lips did look nice (good shine, good color, good shape).

The final verdict? I've used lip plumpers in the past and have been a Lip Venom fan for years. Sexy Mother Pucker can stand up to Lip Venom, and at a much more affordable price point, Sexy Mother Pucker has a lot of advantages. The tingling is kind of exciting and oddly pleasant. Give it a try. It's a very decent product!


Michelle said...

No it doesn't! It tastes like rootbeer! It fizzes like rootbeer!

totally rootbeer!

Lydia said...

Nah...I conducted an unofficial taste test. Everyone who tried it said it reminded them of a combination of chocolate and oranges. I stand by my tootsie pop/tootsie roll argument!

diana nguyen said...

I only just recently bought this product and so started googling reviews on it...I think you are so right, it does taste very closely to Tootsie Rolls! I've seen a lot of people describe it as smelling and/or tasting like "chocolate" but I disagree. Tootsie a lesser extent, root beer (or more accurately, products that are meant to taste like root beer but don't, like root bear flavored gummies).

Anyways I just wanted to say thanks, because I am probably going to write a mini review on my own blog and I couldn't think of how to describe its taste. :)