Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Beauty Product of the Week: Flip For It

What is it? mark's (a division of Avon) Flip For It is "the Winner of the 2007 HBA Annual International Packaging Design Award Honoring Industry Creativity and Packaging Excellence. This limited-edition, all-in-one lip, eye and cheek compact is back with new shades for fall. All the color you need for eyes, cheeks and lips in one portable compact filled with shades inspired by the fall fashion runways. One side holds two eye shadows and a blush. Flip it around and you have two lip colors and two lip glosses." Available in three different palettes from for $18.00.

What do you think? I love palettes and have wanted to try mark's Flip For It for while now. I have the Paris collection, and the blush and eyeshadow shades are beautiful. The eyeshadows don't have a lot of shimmer (a huge plus) and make my baby blues stand out. The blush is a flattering shade that looks very autumnal...not too pink, not too bronze...just right for this Goldilocks!

The lipsticks/glosses are pretty, but not dynamic. My one complaint about all palettes is that you have to have a lip brush in order to apply the gloss or lipstick. I only have two lip brushes and they are a mess to carry around, so if I had to change anything in the Flip For It palette, I guess I'd somehow throw in a couple portable lip brushes. Apart form that, I have no complaints!

The final verdict? For $18.00 you get two eyeshawdows, a blush, and four lip colors all in a convenient and nifty case. Are you kidding me? How can you go wrong? I've used Avon products in the past (though this is my first mark product), and I must admit to being very curious about other goodies they have to offer. I'll keep you posted if I see or try anything that stands out. In the meantime, the Flip For It palette is AMAZING! Get one for yourself, a friend...whatever.

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Brooke said...

i enjoy mark products as well - the only bad thing is that it's hard to find a representative. there are many avon representatives; however, they generally do not seem to know much about mark or have samples that you can look at/smell. i do, however like everything that i have bought from mark...i'll have to check this out as well! thanks!
p.s. if anyone knows of a good representative around the st. louis area, please let me know - thanks a bunch!