Sunday, September 16, 2007

Olay Presents the Emmys! Plus: Enter My Latest Contest!

It's Emmy time! The 59th Primetime Emmys are set for tonight, and celebrities are spending their day getting their hair and makeup done before slipping on their designer gowns. Looking great on the red carpet is hard work!

The Primetime Emmy Awards Makeup Department Head, Bruce Grayson, is sharing his tips and tricks for getting the stars to shine at this year's Emmys. Here's what he has to say about styling for the big night:

The Emmys Theme: Keeping it Real!
The Emmys are taking on a whole new look this year. The stage is like theater in the round and with American Idol's Ryan Seacrest hosting, it really has a reality show element. Makeup will reflect that “looking real” style without appearing over-done.

This Year’s Signature Look: Living in the Moment
Popular reality shows like American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance are all about living in the moment and looking your best in that moment, so that’s exactly what we intend to do!

Beauty Trends in Focus: The Lips
This year I predict that the emphasis will be on the lips, rather than the eyes. Lipstick is back in a big way and I think we’ll be seeing lots of moisture matte formulas and glossy formulas. Lip stains blotted down in shades of plum or red will be the “it” colors. But don’t discount the eyes; they’ll be soft and beautiful, simply framed with false lashes instead of heavy liner.

The Trend-Setters: It’s a Give-and-Take Relationship
TV and fashion constantly have a tug of war when it comes to trends in makeup. Sometimes shows like Sex and the City can have a big influence on the makeup trends that show up on the red carpet. Other times, the look of flawless skin of a model at a Valentino fashion show or a fresh faced Idol, like Kelly Clarkson, will set the tone. Personally, I turn to the fashion runways as well as old fashion books and editorials. I’ve even drawn inspiration from paintings and women on the street.

Emmys Preparation: The Road to the Red Carpet
I prepare by making sure that the makeup crew has the tools and makeup supplies they need to get the job done. I’m in close contact with stylists and publicists so that I know what colors the stars will be wearing. It’s essential that we’re prepared to touch them up and keep their look consistent.

Clothing or Makeup: Which Comes First?
Wardrobe always influences makeup, like using matte red lips with a 50s vintage gown. Sometimes a hair style will force a makeup artist to choose a single focal point on the face, like the lips, if the hair style includes bangs that cover the eyes.

The Evening’s Challenge: Live TV
HDTV really changes the way we do makeup for a live broadcast. Live HD broadcasts require that we make sure that there’s minimal shine coming off the face. Makeup with too much shimmer or glimmer is distracting and can look like the sun’s reflection off the ocean. Last minute touch ups are essential. Shine should be limited to the right places on the face. I like to call it “strategic shine.”

All-Star Techniques and Must-Have Products
Thin translucent foundations and powders that allow natural even skin tone to be seen are key. Blotting papers to take down shine are a great alternative to power build-up, and Kleenex on-hand for the occasional teary eye are a must. I always keep cream blush nearby because it blends right into the skin and looks natural, along with false lashes to frame the eyes without using liner.

While watching the Emmys, you'll no doubt notice that
Olay has teamed with the Academy of Television of Arts & Sciences to sponsor the 2007 and 2008 Primetime Emmy Awards as Official Skincare Partner of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

This year Emmy attendees (and others) will receive free samples of
Olay Definity Eye Illuminator. Definity Eye Illuminator is an anti-aging eye treatment that helps diminish under-eye darkness and dullness, and improves all-around brightness for eyes that are luminous. Olay Definity Eye Illuminator is currently available nationwide for $25.99.

In honor of the Emmys and their partnership with Olay, I am giving away five (yes...5!) bottles of Olay Definity Eye Illuminator to you, my wonderful Kiss and Make-up readers.

To get your very own bottle, leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts on the Emmys or your own tips for getting ready for a big event. Be sure I have a way to get a hold of you! Comments must be received by Sunday, September 23rd.


Julia said...

Enter me in! I love the Emmys, I'm soo excited.

Oh, and I had one question-yesterday I got my makeup done at a MAC counter, and the guy who did it told me that orange lipstick was all the rage. And this lipstick wasn't coral with a hint of orange-this was luminescent, traffic-cone ORANGE!! When he put it on me, I felt like an overdressed clown who just ate too many tangerines. What's ur opinion on it?

Julia said...

Actually nevermind I just read the post and not the stuff about the product-I'm in my teens, so there are probably a lot of people on this blog who need it more than I do! :P

Lydia said...

Hi Julia!
I think the most important thing is to not follow the trends, but to do what works for you. If orange lipstick is all the rage but looks yucky with your skin type and your look, then it's not a good fit. The key is to take a look and make it your own. If you wear something with confidence, there's no way it will look out of style!

Lust Puddle said...

Im watching the Emmys right now!!! I should be working, but Olay hasnt yet created a product that will allow me to waste time on blogs, watch tv and work at the same time....

goddess knows my face could use some more Olay!

Anonymous said...

I totally missed the emmys. oh is overrated. go ahead and enter me in, though. i love olay stuff and have used their products for years. i dont have a blogger account so i'll email you my contact info. look for an email from claudia.

love the blog by the way.

Brooke said...

I missed the Emmy's :( I would like to be entered in the contest, though:) I'm a fan of the majority of Olay products I have tried. Also, thanks for the blush advice! I'm going to Sephora this weekend! Maybe I can talk my boyfriend into buying some for me :D yeyyyyy!!!

Jamie said...

I can't tell if my posts are working, but here goes... could you enter me in the contest? Sorry if you have to approve them or something. Love the blog!