Friday, September 07, 2007

Good, Clean Fun

Every week it seems that there is another recall of products made in China. While most of the time these recalls involve toys and lead paint, news of such manufacturing snafus make you wonder about the overall safety of the products we use. I'm afraid to even think about how many cosmetics are made with toxic chemicals and then imported into the country.

Even though fear that one day scientists might find my favorite lipstick could actually kill me, I am not 100% into the organic lifestyle. I appreciate a lot of the values and ideas behind it, but find it impractical in my daily life.

That said, I have dealt with some bizarre sensitive skin issues this past year, and have switched over to organic body soaps. I've used all sorts of bars from Lush, Dr. Bronner, and Kiss My Face, but I must say that my favorite soaps come from Vermont Soap.

What sets Vermont Soaps products apart from the rest is their amazing selection. They have almost 20 different bars to chose from depending on your skin type and what you want your soap to do. My favorites are Balsam Swirl, a beautifully green swirly soap that acts as a natural deodorant, and Honey, a delicious smelling exfoliating bar.

Their bars cost less than $4.5o each, and they last much longer than other organic soaps (I had a bar of Rockstar from Lush last only a week--how sad!). They're made in small batches out of all natural ingredients in Middlebury, VT. When I went back east this summer, my husband and I stopped by their headquarters where they make and sell their goods and wow! It smelled overwhelmingly good in there!

As an added bonus, you can stash your new, unused bars of Vermont Soap in your underwear drawer--they'll give your garments a nice fresh scent.

If you're trying to reduce the number of chemicals you put in your body AND minimize the amount of money you give to evil corporations, give Vermont Soaps a try. Their products will cleanse your body and provide peace of mind. That has to be good karma!


Lust Puddle said...

is there anywhere local i can purchase this product or do i have to buy online?

Lydia said...

Hey! Go online and buy it directly from the co. We're on the wrong coast to get it in stores! But its a really great company--you'll like them. they also have really nice lip balm. they're kinda like the anti-Wal-Mart!