Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Get Your FIX and Help a Cause!

October, perhaps the best month of the entire year, is just weeks away. Along being the month of Halloween, October is also National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For the coming weeks, I'll be highlighting some great products that are donating money to help stop this deadly disease. The first "pink ribbon" product I'm happy to mention is Oral Fixation Mints.

Oral Fixation will donate 5% of all the profits from the sale of its Fabulous Fruit Gourmet Mints starting October 1st to the American Cancer Society. If you've never had them before, Oral Fixation mints are packaged in super-cute metal tins and have an intriguing, somewhat sexual logo.

Not only do the mints look good, they also taste good. According to the company, they use only the highest quality ingredients and are even certified Kosher. They're available for purchase individually at gift shops, restaurants, and high end stores like Dean and Deluca, but are most easily ordered online at (a box of 12 tins costs $30; a six-pack will set you back $15).

Normally I don't get overly excited about mints, but these are really yummy, really pretty, and the company has a conscious...all things I appreciate. Plus Oral Fixation mints come in all sorts of flavors like 7 Deadly Cinnamon, Mojito Mint, Caffeinated Chai Mints, Classic Peppermint, and Mimosa Mint. Go over to their site and order up a box for yourself. Not only will a great cause benefit, but these cool little tins would make for fabulous little "thinking of you" gifts.


Julia said...

I looked it up on the site, and thank god, a box of 12 mint TINS is $30. I thought that you were suggesting we pay over $2 for a mint . . . :P

Lydia said...

Ha! No, I'm not that crazy!! Sorry about that!! $30 for 12 TINS, you're correct. Not $30 for 12 mints.