Monday, August 06, 2007

Yummy Head to Toe

Ok, this isn't really a posting about a beauty product, but I just tried a really yummy drink: Bossa Nova's Raspberry Açaí juice.

If you haven't heard of Açaí yet, it's a berry that grows in the Amazonian rain forest that tastes like chocolate and berries all rolled up in one super yummy fruit. It contains more antioxidants than almost any other fruit, and since antioxidants do amazing things like fight premature aging, I guess Açaí could be thought of as a drinkable addition to your beauty routine.

Açaí juice is getting more and more available in the US market, and for good reason: it tastes great, has so many health benefits, and hell, Americans love trendy new products. Açaí juices are often mixed with other berries and flavors, so your sure to find a blend you like. Personally, I think it would be killer with a little vodka added to it, but that could be said of most things!

Go out and try some Açaí juice! It's so yummy!

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