Tuesday, August 07, 2007

GuyLiner--Hot or Not?

I just saw this brief article about men in the music world and their use of eyeliner, and it got me thinking: can men pull off the made-up look?

Sure, band boys have been wearing liner and makeup for years. Just look at Robert Smith of the Cure, Peter Murphy from Bauhaus, hell--David Bowie!--they all rocked the eyeliner thing. But they did it in a way that made them counter to the then popular culture--sort of.

Men in the artistic world can get away with it, but cosmetics for the everyday guy? I'm thinking not. I don't care that Jean Paul Gaultier has a whole line of cosmetics for men--everything from bronzers to tinted lash & brow groomers (what we call mascara)--I just don't think it's necessary.

I guess I'm a bit traditional when it comes to gender roles and make up. If a man is going for the whole gender-bending look, a sort of asexual type of image that they work hard at, makeup is totally appropriate. But men using makeup the way women do? Eh--I just leaves me cold.

What do you think: guyliner (and makeup for men)--is it a yea or a nay?


Anonymous said...

i agree--so not hot! i dont want to share makeup with my boyfriend!

finding the filth said...

i'm a traditionalist when it comes to men. i don't even like long hair on guys. it grosses me out. (i know i'm alone on that one.) but i really don't want a guy who looks like a girl.

don't get me wrong. i love to put my gay friends in drag. i love to pretend they are my old barbie-head-on-a-platter. and one time, i even put lipstick on an old goth boyfriend 100 years ago.

but everyday straight guys? hells no!! i will proudly point and laugh at that nonsense.

Serendipity said...

for everyday? no way.....