Sunday, August 19, 2007


While the natural look might sound easy to do, the SUPERnatural look requires a great deal of makeup application skill. The look must be flawless--the skin is the center stage, so you better be perfect to make this look work. Here's how to get it:

Since the skin is the focal point, you'll want to hide your pores and create a perfectly matte base. Try a product like Make Up Forever's Mat Velvet + Matifying Foundation. This will help control shine while giving you a flawless surface. Now you can add a healthy (not oily) shine to the skin while creating some contours and definitions by using some natural but tinted blush to the cheeks.

Keep your eye color neutral while brightening the lids with khaki and tan colors. Eyeliner shouldn't be too dark--keep it in the light brown family--and mascara should just make the lashes look natural, not too long, too thick, or too dramatic. You also need to make sure your brows are perfectly in place to pull off this look. Try Anastasia's Brow Express Brow Enhancing Kit.

Just like the dramatic look, you'll want to opt for a nude lip. Just be sure to select a shade with a hint of color and shine to make the final look a bit more polished. Steer clear of mauves, reds, or anything with too much color to it.

Channel your inner Gweneth Paltrow and break out your flat iron! The Supernatural look is super controlled, and hair should be the same. Keep it sleek, straight and shiny. Try a product like Frederic Fekkai's Coiff Controle Ironless Straightening Balm to blow your hair straight without having to iron it to beautiful flatness.

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