Sunday, August 19, 2007

Get the Look: DRAMATIC

Attention all goth girls!! According to Sephora, those super dark raccoon eyes you love so much are hot, hot, hot for the fall. Here's how to get the dramatic look--perfect for a late night autumn party...hint: it's all about the eye.

This look doesn't require anything fancy for the skin. Just apply your favorite foundation and blush. You don't want to over do the blush, but you want to give your cheeks a hint of color so you don't look too washed out.

The eyes are your focal point with this look, so take some time to make them pop. Sephora is touting the smoky look with a twist: instead of sticking to neutral colors, they suggest some interesting color combinations. Try lining your lids with a deep emerald-green liner, followed with a bit of black. On the lids, sweep a similarly dark emerald eye shadow on the lower lid, up just past the crease. Then add a layer of dark, eggplanty purple for contrast. Instead of the green and aubergine combo, you could also try a deep teal brushed into the crease of your lid, creating a triangular shape. Or, really go crazy and create a smoky violet eye. Try some of the gorgeous shades from Urban Decay or Make Up Forever.

No matter what color combo you go with, be sure to add a heavy rim of black around your eyes to define the shape and provide a clean edge. Also, when using highly pigmented colors, take your time and be careful--flecks of color will fall onto your cheek as you apply the color. Before finishing your look, take a moment to make sure you don't have a weird shadow of color under your eyes!

Since the eyes are the focus, play down the lip. Opt for very nude shades with hints of gold, peach, or pink. While you don't want the lips to be a focal point, you don't want to look like a corpse! Try NARS lipstick in Barbarella or Belle Du Jour.

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