Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Fall Trends: Mauve Lips for Late Nights

I hear that my old hometown of Baltimore is currently baking under 95+ degrees of sweltering heat. Since I'm happily living in the Seattle area, I'm enjoying a beautifully overcast, 70 degree day. So for me, it's not hard to believe that the best season of the year, Autumn, is just around the corner. Department stores are stocking their fall wardrobes, and now the cosmetics companies are starting to break out new products for the upcoming season.

In a recent email I received, Estee Lauder is touting their After Hours Fall 2007 collection. For your late night face, Estee Lauder is suggesting "sensuous mauve lips and softly accented eyes." They even have a handy-dandy website listing all the products you need to get the look shown above.

Mauve lipstick is, in my opinion, pretty easy to wear and looks good on a number of different skin tones. As an added bonus, the look Estee Lauder is hyping seems easy to pull off--a soft but pretty eye combined with a well-shaped mauve lip? Sounds like a snap! It looks dressy and nighttime appropriate while still looking fresh and somewhat effortless.

I have yet to find the time to read the stack of fashion and style magazines I've collected over the past few weeks, but I am anxious to see what other trends are coming our way this fall!

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