Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Da! From Russia With...Color

I was flipping through the September Lucky magazine, and man--fall is on its way. Soft, summery nails no longer grace the pages of the mags. Instead, the seemingly ubiquitous dark autumn/winter nails are popping up all over. Soon, the leaves will be changing color and a chill will be in the air. Yay!! (Fall is my favorite season, by far).

OPI is getting ready for the season by introducing a new line. In the spring/summer, OPI had us going to Australia. Well, this fall/winter, get ready for Russia. Twelve deep, sophisticated, cold-weather colors are on the market, and I'm really liking the looks of them. Some especially intriguing shades in this collection include: Siberian Nights, an "onyx" polish with a hint of deep purple, Midnight in Moscow, described as "charcoal with a hint of maroon glimmer", and Russian Navy, a sleek dark blue that would make for a fun mid-winter pedicure.

A trip to Russia is at the top of my vacation wish list, but somehow I think a mani/pedi in one of the Russia collection shades will better fit my budget and my increasingly busy schedule. I'll just be sure to add some faux fur and a nice cold shot of vodka to get the full effect!

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Serendipity said...

oooh call me! lets go get a russian mani/pedi together!!!!