Tuesday, August 21, 2007

CONTEST: What's in a Name?

Without really knowing it, I have been hunting for bad hair salon names. So far I have a collection of six really bad salon names, but I know there are more out there. My list thus far includes:
  1. Split Ends Salon: I actually go to this place. The name confuses me. Don't I want to avoid split ends? If so, why would I go to a place that advertises split ends?
  2. Hair Force One: I saw this in Vermont and it resulted in an instant eye-roll. Could a name be any more lame? Honestly!
  3. Tangles: Again, just like Split Ends, why would I go to a place named after something I want to avoid? It's like calling your restaurant Indigestion!
  4. Delilah's: This is just way too obvious of a name and a little too cutesy for my taste. Plus I am married to a "Sampson"-esque long haired man, so this name makes me shudder for him.
  5. The Mane Event: Going to the salon for a haircut is not an "event", and adding the word "mane" to it just makes me think of horses. Somehow it doesn't work for a high end salon!
  6. Curl Up and Dye: For some reason, I kind of like this groan-worthy name. It makes me think the salon is going to be hip, cutting edge, maybe a bit scary. I think I like that!
I have a challenge for all of you. Leave a comment with a craptastic salon name, or just leave a comment about anything you want on this post, and you'll be entered to win one of my favorite hair products: Bed Head's After Party Smoothing Cream.

Be sure to email me or leave me with some way of getting in touch with you. The cut off date is August 28th at midnight--the winner will be announced on August 29th.

Have fun and good luck!


Serendipity said...

Hair's Talent www.hairstalent.com
Salon Knotty
Hair and Now www.hairandnow.com

Julia said...

I once went to a place called Shears. Not very creative or cheesy, but I didn't like the salon!! :P

Anonymous said...

I can't think of a funny name for a salon, but enter me in anyway! I'll email you my contact info. Love the blog!

Sue said...

The Hair Shed. Sounds gross and weird.

Julia said...

Oh, and you've probably already covered this at some point or another, but on my most recent trip to Sephora I ended up buying 2 of Urban Decay's 24/7 Glitter Eyeliner. It's sooo fun . . . I got a gold and a mauve. Next week I might go back for an electric blue . . . :P

Trudi Shaw said...

Lover Hairs