Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Cat's Meow

The very dramatic, perfectly (or should I say purrfectly?) winged-out cat's eye is all over the place this fall. To get the look, you need to know how to use liquid eyeliner without looking stupid.

Even though I am skilled at using pencil and cream eyeliners, the mere sight of a liquid eyeliner makes me sweat. I dread using it! I find it cumbersome and am always a little too heavy-handed, so instead of looking sophisticated in my black liquid liner, I end up looking like Amy Winehouse. What gives?

So, to help all of us get a grip on this trend, here are some tips for using (yikes!) liquid eyeliner:
  • Start off with your eye shadow. Since you're going to be adding a very definite, bold line to your eye, keep your shadow warm, soft, and neutral.
  • Make sure you're using the right kind of brush. Hopefully the bottle of liquid eyeliner came with a pointy-ended brush. You need something that will allow for a precise, clean line, so the smaller and more pointed, the better.
  • Open your eyes! If you close your eye while applying your liner, you're more likely to end up an uneven or bumpy line...not the look you're after! If you keep your eye open while you apply the liner, you'll find it easier to follow the natural shape of your lashline.
  • Stroke it! Instead of painting on one long, continuous line, try drawing on three dashes: one toward the inner part of your lid, one in the center, and one at the outer corner. Once the three strokes are in place, connect them and build up the outer line, curving up to the familiar catty point.
  • When all else fails, cheat! If you have a hard time getting the shape you want with the liquid liner, first draw a guideline with a pencil. Once you've established the look you want, go over your line with the liquid liner.
  • Be prepared for mistakes. According to the good folks over at Elle, a Q-Tip dipped in moisturizer can be used to tweak any mistakes.
  • Above all, the best advice is practice, practice, practice.
There you have it! Hopefully this will help us deal with the challenges of liquid eyeliner. Somehow I think I'll stick with my pencil and cream liners for the most part.


Michelle said...

I am the queen of liquid eyeliner.

Been using the stuff for yeaaars!

My advice:

1) go brush tip, never pen tip.. pen tip is streaky. Brush tip is more forgivable.

2) If you are unable to use real liquid eyeliner.. use gel. It is more controlled.And it actually has stronger color.

3)Hold your breath while you do the line and tug the corner of your eye. Then you will get a straighter line.

Hope that helps.

Lydia said...

wow! thanks michelle! like i said, i am a liquid liner idiot, so every little tip helps!

Jillian Kay said...

i just was looking at the holiday list here: http://library.thinkquest.org/2886/aug.htm

and noticed that August 25th was.....Kiss and Make-Up Day!

Happy Belated Day!


Serendipity said...

I just bought black liquid liner last weekend. i have been wearing it all week. and i love, love love it! so far so good. i used to wear it all the time in high school. cat-eyed and everything!

mjude said...

i have always have loved that look! but does it look good if you wear glasses (i wear them)? seriously, does it?

Lydia said...

good question about the glasses. I wear glasses, too and i just avoid the cat eye thing BECAUSE of my glasses. i dont know what the rule is, or if there is a rule, but even though i love the cats eye thing, i simply cant pull it off and i refuse to get contact. *pout*

mjude said...

phooey!!! i had a feeling that would be your answer. :(

maybe during one of my many boring nights i should try it :)

finding the filth said...

regarding eyeliner + glasses (i wear them too): consider heavy looks a general no-no. depending on your frames, bold liner can give your eyes too many graphic lines and make your face look a mess. (draw some glasses on angelina jolie's pic and she's suddenly less cute.) even dark shadow should be avoided. it's just too much going on. you're better off going with a good mascara and subtle liner. soft shadow and a highlighter can help bring your eyes out more, from under your frames.

however, you might be able to pull off the cat-eye liner trend, if you have some cool vintage frames, to round out the look.