Thursday, August 30, 2007

Beauty Product of the Week: Revlon Eye Makeup Eraser Pen

What is it? Revlon's new Makeup Eraser Pen "instantly removes eyelid and lip makeup mistakes. It has a non-greasy formula with soothing botanicals glides on for instant, effortless removal of eye and lip mistakes. It lifts away longwearing and waterproof makeup without irritating skin. The soft tip lets you target hard-to-reach mistakes without disturbing your makeup. The antibacterial tip automatically dispenses the perfect amount of formula." Available at drugstores for about $8.00 or less.

What did you think? I had an absolute makeup disaster this morning. I not only managed to smudge my eyeliner, but I also blinked while applying my mascara, leaving a ring of black lash marks around the bottom of my lid. I looked like Little Alex from A Clockwork Orange! Somehow I didn't think that look would work for me in the office, so I quickly grabbed tissues and tried to undo my damage. Then I remembered that I recently purchased Revlon's Makeup Eraser Pen--what a great way to test it out!

First, I tended to the easy job: the smudged eyeliner. With two strokes of the pen, all evidence of the smudged dark brown pencil was gone. Nice! Happily, I cleaned off the tip of the pen and got to work on my mascara meltdown. With a few strokes, my lower lid was restored to its normal, tar-free self. This pen really did the trick!

The final verdict? This is a beauty bag must have! I so often find myself needing to make small touch ups to my liner or mascara, and this does a great job. It's small enough to fix tiny mistakes that can just ruin an entire look. And even though it's called an eye makeup eraser, I'm sure it could be used for errant lipstick. What stainstick is for laundry, Revlon's Makeup Eraser Pen is for cosmetics. Love it!


mjude said...

years ago clinique had something like that in their free gift but never sold it. i am so excited to learn that i can finally get one :)

woo hoo :)

Serendipity said...

i need this product!!! Ulta???

Lydia said...

yes, serendipity--a visit to ulta is in order! and mjude--i think neutrogena also made a similar product, or so they advertised. I was never able to find it! go figure.

Julia said...

I know that this is about a really old post, but on my most recent trip to Sephora I decided to splurge on the $22 Cranberry Lemonade Fresh Lipstick that was reccomended on your How to Wear Red Lipstick post for people who have my skin/hair type. I always thought I couldn't wear reds, but this one looked great on me!!! Thanks sooooo much!

Lydia said...

That's great, Julia! I'm glad you were able to find a red and wear it with confidence--just in time for the fall when red lips are in. :)