Friday, July 20, 2007

Beauty Product of the Week: Ulta Cheek Color

What is it? Ulta's Cheek Color "is a silky and sheer powder that glides across your skin leaving behind transparent color that gives your skin a healthy and natural looking glow. Chamomile extract is added to the powder to sooth and moisturize the skin surface." Available in about a dozen colors at Ulta for $6.50 (though it's usually on sale for much less!).

What do you think? I know, I's just blush--it's not the most exciting beauty product out there. However, I have tried many different brands of blush, both expensive and, well, cheap, and I've settled on Ulta's Cheek Color as my favorite, hands down.

Here's why: 1) it's inexpensive, 2) there are so many colors to choose from, 3) it feels good on, and 4) it looks nice.

I've tried two colors of Ulta's blush, Sunkissed and (my latest fave) Afterglow. Afterglow is a gorgeously bright pink. While it may look a bit too intense in its little compact, it goes on subtly, leaving behind a healthy, youthful glow. The powder-based blush feels light on my skin, so I don't have that suffocated skin feel I get from some makeup. It lasts all day and is a snap to apply.
The final verdict? While blush is probably not the most exciting thing you'll put on your face, it can really improve your look when done right. If you're in need of a new blush, I'd recommend the Ulta brand. I really don't think there is any need to spend more than about $6 or so on blush, so hit up Ulta during one of their many sales and you won't be disappointed!

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Michelle said...

Hey Lydia!

I agree. Blush is very important.

It is the one thing that keeps me from looking dead. But then again...your gonna look dead holding a a fulltime job and full time school.

reguardless. Yes!! Blush is super important!! And Ulta makes great products. I love their eyeshadows!!

Alittle trick I pick up from Aromaleigh's Miss K's blog. Strangly she was using pink consealer, but I used a pale pink, like Dandilion from Benefit. Either way, light bursh a pastel pink under you eyes and in the corners close to your nose to hide dark circles in a pinch.

You know it actually works.