Saturday, July 14, 2007

Beauty Product of the Week: Bed Head After Party

What is it? According to their packaging, Bed Head by TIGI's After Party is "the perfect party favor. After Party hair cream (is used) for silky, smooth, shiny, healthy looking hair. Control the funky fly-aways and silk-ify your hair." Available at professional salons for about $17.00.

What did you think? As I recently mentioned, I've just started using a flat iron to style my hair. Well, I can't even imagine flat ironing without After Party. It's easy to use: a small amount of cream is smoothed into dry hair and then it's time to style as usual.

After Party smells amazingly good and the cream isn't too sticky or too thick. It leaves my hair super smooth and shiny looking, and incredibly soft to the touch. I have fewer fly-aways and my hair has a lot of movement and a lot of control at the same time. It really does exactly what it says it will, and there aren't a lot of products on the market that can say the same.

Final verdict? Love it! Even though it costs a few bucks more than I'd like, After Party is a great product. My hair looks better when I use it, and when it comes to a good hair day, I can use all the help I can get! Plus the tube looks like a florescent pink dildo (a florescent pink dildo that spurts out white hair cream--oh how I giggle!), so it's kinda fun to use every morning. What can I say...I appreciate a phallic symbol when I see one!

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Michelle said...


Would you like to know what is worse? At Sally Beauty Supply Stores, they make TiGi knock offs.

The knock off for this product is 'Get Creamed', it smells like fresh cut pumkins (sorta)it is also quite falic, only in blue and green.

but good schtuff.