Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Attention NYC Gals! Get Ready to Line Up for This One!

I live in Seattle, so this news is of no use to me, but I just received a press release about the wildly popular anti-aging "miracle serum" from Boots--their No.7 Restore and Renew. Well, for all of you in the Manhattan area, mark your calendars and get ready! You'll want to be at the CVS at 630 Lexington Ave on July 18th at 8:00 am to grab up your bottle.

I've been using this now cult-worthy product for a while and my skin is looking and feeling great.

Here's the entire press release--good luck getting your hands on a tube!

Stamford, Conn., July 11, 2007— The news has travelled across America, and the question remains, ‘Where can I buy the Boots No7 miracle serum?” Sold out for weeks, Boots, the UK’s #1 health and beauty retailer, will ship a special delivery of the much awaited No7 Restore and Renew serum to just one location for lucky Manhattanites available at 8:00 am EST on Wednesday, July 18th at the CVS/pharmacy at 630 Lexington Avenue (at 53rd Street) in New York City. Each tube will retail for $21.99. In order to satisfy their customers, a limit of two per customer has been established. At last report, bottles are being sold for over $100 on eBay.

“CVS/pharmacy is excited to be the only retailer to offer this sold out product in July from Boots No7, the #1 health and beauty brand in the UK, to customers in the U.S.,” said Cheryl Mahoney, Vice President of Beauty Care, CVS/pharmacy. “Interest in Restore and Renew has generated a waiting list at our stores and now we’re able to give New York shoppers exclusive access on July 18th, with availability at many CVS/pharmacy stores throughout the country and in the near future.”

The excitement over Boots’ No7 Beauty Serum began after a BBC documentary, “Horizon”, aired in the U.K. The program looked into the science behind cosmetics, particularly products which claim to prevent and repair the signs of aging such as pigmentation, lines and wrinkles. BBC Horizon approached a team of scientists at Manchester University who were conducting research into skin aging, especially the effect of UV light on structures like fibrillin that provides the skin with mechanical support. “The Dermatology Department of the University of Manchester has been researching Tretinoin for years,” according to the program. “They were convinced that no over-the-counter anti-aging creams could match the effectiveness of Tretinoin (the prescription drug retinoic acid) until they were asked to investigate an off-the-shelf product from Boots.”

The program found that one product stood out as actually beginning to repair the damage to the skin’s structure-- Boots No7 Beauty Serum. The Serum sold out immediately in the U.K. and is being produced at a rate of thousands of tubes per hour to keep up with consumer demand.

Breaking all sales records in the U.K., Boots No7 Restore and Renew has been proven by independent scientists to show that the No7 product has a similar effect to retinoic acid – a prescription-only treatment that is known to repair the signs of photo-aging.

“Boots No7 Restore and Renew has indeed sold out due to the scientific proof that women and men can now reverse the signs of aging,” said Martin Waters, CEO of Boots North America. “We are committed to restocking shelves with our partners, Target and CVS/pharmacy. Our factories are working around the clock to keep up with the demand, and provide our customers with the same incredible skincare products that have caused such frenzy in the U.K. The popularity of No7 Restore and Renew is evidence of our effective product line up and our established 150 year history as a beauty and health expert. We are proud to bring this level of research and development stateside through our retail partners, Target and CVS/pharmacy.”

Boots products are sold at Target (, CVS/pharmacy ( To satisfy the demand of No7 Restore and Renew, the Boots team is offering a waiting list at, enabling customers to be the first to be notified when shipments arrive on-line and in-store.

Boots No7 is the #1 cosmetics & skincare brand in Britain with an estimated one in three women owning a No7 product. The renowned Boots company was established in England in 1849, and has been creating and developing leading beauty brands since that time. Boots holds a Royal Warrant, a highly distinguished mark of recognition for companies who regularly supply goods to the Royal Family.

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