Sunday, June 17, 2007

Summer Nails

On Saturday morning, I had a fabulously relaxing pedicure to start my weekend and chose a pretty rosy pink for my toenails. Women around me were also opting for cheerful pinks and other more subtle tones. I don't know about you, but it is so refreshing to be wearing soft nail colors again. Yes, this past winter's dark gothy nails were a lot of fun, but I'm really loving this summer's lighter shades.

One of my friends mentioned to me that she was going to buy several of OPI's Garden Party SoftShades from a discount site online. And for good reason. OPI's line of flattering, soft-hued nail lacquers includes shades like No Bees Please, a very natural looking beige pink, and I'll Take the Cake, a sugary-sweet pale rose. All these colors look easy to wear, and a bit flirty and sexy. Their natural pinks and creams are relaxing and gorgeous. (Plus Garden Party makes me think of the hilarious commercial for Smirnoff Raw Tea--the Tea Partay ad with the New England gangstas--and that just makes me laugh and puts me in a good mood!)

Meanwhile, Essie is taking a less gentle approach than OPI this summer and has launched their Buckle Up collection. They're featuring colors like Loophole, a shimmery, cool silver, and Huckle Buckle, a decidedly non-subtle purple shade. They're going for a more mod, more dramatic look that is more fun than OPI's Garden Party, but it's a little trickier to pull off.

Today, while roaming aimlessly around an arts festival, I saw a woman who had painted her nails yellow. Banana yellow. It was awful and looked like a huge mistake. Picking a nail color can be hard, but it seems to me that banana yellow would never make my short list.

So, when you go in for a mani or pedi, what types of colors do you go with? Are you planning on using any of the new colors this season?


Sugarshock said...

I love the Garden Party shades - so soft and pretty!
also loving the corally/hot pink shades in Essie's Starting Over collection for pedi.

finding the filth said...

so far this summer, i've been wearing brucci's "french pink" on the toes, and sally hansen's mauve mocktail (fro her "beyond perfect" line) on the hands. both are very light and subtle. it's such a nice change from the dark dark nails last season.

Tapupartforpres said...

I also love the Garden Party shades. I found those colors here.

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