Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Plastic Fantastic?

As your resident beauty blogger, I read tons of fashion and beauty magazines each year, but have recently let all my subscriptions expire. Every couple of years, I go on a hunt for interesting magazines to change up my regular reading. Sure, there's the usual suspects: Vogue, Glamour, Allure, etc., but it's fun to read magazines like Bitch and Bust from time to time for a more rounded perspective on women's issues and lifestyles.

In my recent attempt to review new magazines, I somehow picked something called New Beauty, which declares itself "the world's most unique beauty magazine." The issue I grabbed is the Makeover Issue, and from the cover, it looked interesting enough.

Then I read it. Holy guacamole! This is a plastic surgery magazine!! Wow!!! I was completely unprepared for articles about lip injections, liposuction, and vaginal rejuvenation (umm...what?). Imagine my surprise when I flipped to the section on anti-aging secrets hoping to hear about the latest serums and creams and instead was force-fed all the reasons why I need a face lift. I had no idea such a magazine even existed.

I'm really ambivalent about plastic surgery. On one hand, go ahead and do what you want, as long as your are willing, educated, and can afford the procedure. On the other hand, natural beauty really is, well better. There are far too many Twilight Zone episodes about plastic surgery and society's demands for conformity that leave me feeling more than a little unsettled about the whole thing.

Anyway, I was totally bummed that New Beauty was a plastic surgery rag. What a disappointment. My search for cool beauty mags is still on, so if you know of any good ones I need to read, leave me a comment!

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Michelle said...

Well there were correct. they are the most unique beauty mag-but let me just say this....plastic never ages well.

In San Diego, it is comon to see girls at 16 getting nose jobs and boob jobs. But I agree educate yourself.

I however would never have anything done unless 1)I had a breast cancer. Lost my Ta'ta's then I would have to replace them.

B) I actually find a man, get married, push out a bunch of kids and then I would want to put everything back into place.

C)I was in a bad accident and I needed reconstruction.

Now some people don't care.
Botox, Colligine, scillicone what ever.

For me, I would rather 'lkeep it real'

Because you look at women like Liz Taylor, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Tammy Faye Baker and Micheal Jackson. And you can see that plastic does not age well.