Monday, June 25, 2007

A Cut Above?

Every time I log on to my hotmail account lately, I see a teaser for this article, all about the $800 haircut. No, I did not hit the "0" button one too many times...I did in fact type $800.

In the article, the writer meets with the stylist who charges $800, a man named Orlando Pita. Orlo insists that he's "just a hairdresser" and counts Madonna, Gweneth Paltrow, and Naomi Campbell among his clients. His $800 haircut is a razor cut and is meant to be subtle. He says that a good cut shouldn't make you look like you just walked out of the salon. But for $800, it better look amazing. It better grow out perfectly, be easy to style, and transform me from my state as a mere mortal to something larger than life. And, it better last.

Now, I don't know about you, but I cannot imaging paying this much for a cut. I don't think I'm alone here, since the average price Americans pay for a cut is $21 (god--where are they getting their hair done for that price?). I'll splurge on my hair from time to time, and as long as I feel like I am getting what I pay for, I'm usually happy. However, I've had far too many experiences where I was paying more than I wanted and not getting what I paid for.

What are your thoughts? While $800 is outrageous, how much would you pay for a super trendy, "celebrity" cut? To Madonna, an $800 cut is probably like an $80 cut for me. It's all a matter of perspective, income, and values. I'll tell you this: if I had an extra $800 laying around each month, the last thing I would do is use it for a haircut!

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mjude said...

i cant imagine spending $800 for a hair cut! i bitched about paying $45. finally found someone who does a wash & cut for $25 & she is good! but if i was a rich girl, well thats what rich people do is spend it cause they can :)