Thursday, June 07, 2007

Breaking Up

There comes a time in every woman's life when she has to part ways with someone who knows her really well, someone who knows how to make her feel beautiful, someone who listens to her concerns and does their best to make her the most magnificent version of herself possible. This "someone?" Her hair stylist. And for me, the time to break up may be coming. *Sigh.*

A little background: After years of renting, my husband and I bought our house about 3 years ago. When we moved, I decided it was time for me to find MY stylist, and started going to Gene Juarez, the Seattle-based chain of middle to high end hair salons, where I found the perfect stylist for me. She was young, nice, funny...she listened to me and always gave me a good cut. Plus, she was pretty cheap--about $30. Not bad. So for 3 years, I've been seeing her regularly, happily paying for the two $5 increases along the way.

A few months back, I decided to grow up and stop dying my own hair, and went back to Gene Juarez for my partial foil. Yes, it's expensive, but I was willing to pay the $125 for the foil plus the $40 for a hair cut. I figured, hell...I work full time, my husband works full time, we're childless...why not spend about $170 (before the tip) on my hair?

That was then. Now I have a whole new reality to come to terms with. My stylist's price just increased 25%....what was $40 will now cost me $50, and I'm too scared to ask what my colorist will now be charging. I'm fearful that my formerly $170 cut and color will now be more like, oh, $200 or higher, not including the tip.

I don't know about you, but for me, a 25% rate hike in 8 months seems really high. I wish my pay would jump 25% every 8 months, that's for sure! I'm thinking it might be time to jump ship. As much as it pains me, I need to start playing the field.

So, I'm interested in your opinions on the following:
  1. Do you have a dollar limit for what you're willing to spend on your hair?
  2. How do you find a decent stylist? Who do you trust?
  3. If you live in Bothell/Mill Creek/Lynnwood/Snohomish/Everett area of Washington state, do you have a good stylist and colorist you could recommend?
Breaking up is ugly business.


finding the filth said...

oy. i so know what you mean. if i didnt depend on my stylist so much i would have left him years ago with all the rate increases. what cost me $40 10 years ago, costs me $82 now.

i know - $82!?!? im crazy. but he's amazing. i never need to tell him what to do, i dont even have to look in a mirror. he always does a perfect job. i even fell asleep in the chair one night and woke up with great hair. he's so good, editors at vogue would stop and ask me who did my cut. even shear genius courted him last year for a spot on the show. oh - and to top it off, he's gorgeous! so gorgeous that i could barely look at him for the first 4 years.

you can see why i'm his bitch...

this fall im considering getting some color done for a big event. when i asked the price, i nearly choked - $150 for foils in the front, $210 for the whole head. and that doesnt include the $82 cut, or the tips. and i have short hair!!! i have already started saving pennies in hopes that i can afford it. but seeing as how it's all gonna grow out in a couple of months, i just dont know if i can rationalize the expense. (but i so want it!!)

Michelle said...

I say still do your own color.
I do.I'm 30. Who the hell needs to grow up. Natrual Instincts by Clairol is a great product.

My stylist told me to use this if I insist on doing my own hair at home, which I think she encourages, because I am a bit of a veteran about it.

Also ask around. Or how I found carol. Walk into a salon. AS for a wash and blowout and talk to the stylist.

I had a horrible breakup with my last stylist after he left me scalpt with uneven hair.

It was a bob and the right was 3" longer than the left. He said.. lets just that grow that out.

oh hell no!

Or if there is someone that you like how their hair is cut, ask them where did they get it done.

Or tell you stylist- hey your too damn expensive!! I'm going to have to g somewhere else.

After loosing a few cliebnts, she might come to her senses.

Whimsy ChiChi said...

I'll give you some great advice for free: If you find a great stylist or mainly colorist then stick with them like there's no tomorrow. I have never colored my hair at home, but have seen the horrors that some women have to go into the salon to correct. Damage that they themselves have done to their hair.
A good colorist can identify what suits you and uses the appropriate products so that your hair will look and feel great.
If you feel the price is too high, then instead of coloring it every two months then go in every four (or six if you don't have gray hairs). But don't give up your colorist and one you are so used to.
And to stay forever young trust me it all starts with a great stylist and colorist. A good cut and color can scrap years off your face. Enough said. :)