Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Beauty Behind Bars

I don't know about you, but I am tired of Paris Hilton. She was in jail, she was out of jail, she was back in jail, and now she's out for good. The world is a safer place.

I was flipping through the channels last night, I stumbled on the last few seconds of a piece on Inside Edition about how women in jail use bizarre, everyday items to gussy themselves up. I only caught a woman using Cheetos as blush. Cheetos? Paris Hilton used Cheetos for blush?

Wow....I had to know more, and since I missed the majority of the piece, I went online to get more information. Thankfully I found this article (below). So the next time you're in jail, just remember this story and bust out the Crystal Light to make yourself all pretty.


Charlotte County--Inside the H block of the Charlotte County Jail, you won't find a hotel heiress. Instead you'll see 54 female inmates, all serving their time.

"We don't let the time do us, we do the time," said inmate Veronica Posey.

Inmates say Paris Hilton doesn't stand a change behind bars.

"She would not survive here at all," said one inmate who did not want to be identified.

"You know, she just always has her makeup and hair done, all the necessities, like facials and spas," added Traci Mace, another Charlotte inmate.

But Friday afternoon, a California judge ordered Paris to go back to jail. So, how will she survive this time around? Charlotte inmates say the answer is: Skittles.

Female inmates at the Charlotte Jail aren't allowed to bring in or wear makeup, so they improvise. They use things such as: Skittles candy, Crystal Light, and instant coffee to look pretty. They call it "fake up."

"We get some hair grease stuff and put it on our lips. The ink pens that I have, we use as the eyeliner. This is coffee, the eye shadow," as Mace pointed to the light shade of brown above her eye. "We use the glitter from cards, so thank goodness people send cards with glitter on them."

"Vaseline for my lips and a little bit of coffee and Crystal Light mixed, so it's neutral," said the unidentified inmate.

"The lips are Crystal Light and the blush is Crystal Light," Posey pointed out.

Sitting face-to-face and talking with the women, you would have no idea that these items could end up looking like makeup you would find at any professional counter.

"Basically just being here for so long, you'll find a way to look pretty," said Posey.

Many of the products can be purchased at the jail's commissary. Guards say if they see it happen, they'll stop it, but it happens often.

"It's something to feel more feminine because you can be pretty gross in here if women don't have their makeup," said Mace.

"I don't do it every day. I do it when I need to feel like I'm on the outside," added the unidentified inmate.

It's the only way these women can keep looking glamorous. As for Paris, perhaps she'll quickly learn the "secret to beauty" behind bars.

By Nicole Oliverio, WINK-TV


SageRave said...

Some of the best and most "exclusive" cosmetics and skin care items are made from food, so these women are rediscovering the skills that led to the cosmetics industry as we know it today.

Dark Circles said...

The good thing about Cheetos is that they are just the right shade of yellow to use as a concealer!

Sugarshock said...

ohmigod, this is too hilarious!
I'm sure Kraft Foods would LOVE to know about the alternate uses for Crystal Light!