Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Models are Storytellers

Good god. I somehow managed to survive another episode of America's Next Top Model and I really think I may have lost a few brain cells in the process. This show is completely idiotic, but here I am, watching it week after week. I'm such a loser.

So, this week the models-to-be had to tell lame ass stories through dance. During their photo shoots they had to do these ridiculous animal dances from some sort of aboriginal lore. Or something...whatever.

So how did the girls do? Dionne kept her mean-face on and needed constant coaching. Jaslene looked waaaay too skinny in her shoot--I still can't get over her drag queen appearance, and her voice is horrific. Renee, who I really dislike, actually did a good job. I have to give her credit--she knew what she wanted to do in her shoot and she went for it. She looked a little bit like Tatum O'Neal in her photo--a little hard, a little cheap. And her smoker's voice is annoying. Natasha was sick during her shoot and was completely unable to pull out a decent picture. She's such a loon--absolutely crazy--but I'm pulling for her.

Dionne got sent home which was no huge surprise, and now we are down to the final three. Next week we'll find out who this "cycle's" winner is. I hoping for Natasha, just because I like the idea of a crazy Russian girl being America's Next Top Model, but I have a hint it will probably be Renee. We'll see.

Oh, and one final gripe: who the hell is styling Tyra these days? The super long, super straight wig, the really bad eye makeup, what's the deal? She's looking a little witchy-poo lately. Still, she can't be as dreadfully scary looking as Mrs. Jay.


Serendipity said...

so i happened to stumble onto this show yet again this week. truely i didnt even know it was on, but wednesday night television (w/ no cable) is just really bad. and when ANTM is the only "good" thing on, that is scary!

I actually kind of like Renee, but Dione and Jaslene are a bunch of bitches. and Natasha is super crazy, what is her deal? This show is so catty, its almost like its scripted sometimes. But then again, you put a bunch of women in a house together, what do you expect to happen? certainly not happy loving friendships....

Lydia said...

I could never live w/a bunch of women again. Did it in college and that was enough for me. That was enough drama, and we didnt even have any cameras on us. Nor were there crafty producers there to edit each of us into certain roles (the bitch, the achiever, the crazy one, etc.)

Biby Cletus said...

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finding the filth said...

LOL - im gonna miss dionne. i loved her commentary. she never took any of it seriously. i have to admire her for that alone.

so i guess we get to see them film the cover girl commercial next week. i pray natasha doesnt screw it up too much. although it will be funny when she inevitably does.

in the meantime, im just praying for a "nene" meltdown.